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May Day

May DayBank branch offices are closed, and will remain closed until the situation is considered safe, the spokesman. This comes one day before the followers of the movement had promised Wall Street Occupying mass demonstrations across the country, in recognition of Labour Day 2012 a web site based in New York in support of May Day says he “vacations to 99%.”
People seem to know about May Day everywhere except where you started, here in the United States. This is because people in power have done their best to remove the true meaning. For example, Ronald Reagan pointed to what he… Read more

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Correspondents Dinner

Correspondents DinnerObama mocks the White House Correspondents’ Dinner early in the largest and journalists on Saturday night. He was making fun of some Hollywood stars, including Kim Kardashian, the role of Glee and Donald Trump, I send a reference apparently causing serious Osama bin Laden, held over dinner last year.
We want the White House and love in Hollywood. So you can imagine that we worship the White House Correspondents’ Dinner reporters, in which political scientists, media and the power of star players together in Los Angeles is completely wrong, weird harmonies from the amazing costumes. Where can you see Kim… Read more

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Marco Rubio

Marco RubioRepublican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigning in Pennsylvania on Monday with the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, once again ask the question about whether Rubio is vice-chairman of Romney selection. While they were on stage together, the two men said they would not discuss the choice of vice president. This event was nothing more than a photo opportunity for both.
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigned outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Monday, the day before the Pennsylvania and four other states hold their primaries. Romney did not worry about the primary, but Pennsylvania is likely to be a major swing… Read more

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Secret Service

Secret ServiceThree other employees of the Secret Service have "chosen to resign" after the prostitution scandal that emerged last week, the agency said in a news release Friday. Six members of the secret service had to leave their jobs after the incident in Cartagena, Colombia, who came for safety before traveling President Barack Obama, not for the Summit of the Americas.
Just when you thought could not be more embarrassing for the Secret Service. Now we know why David Chaney, one of the three officers had been in forced prostitution scandal in Colombia, bring dark sunglasses. According to a photo of… Read more

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Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue ServiceWith the deadline to file tax returns that arrived on Tuesday, the Wisconsin Office of the Internal Revenue Service provides guidance to help taxpayers avoid common mistakes that can delay return processing. The IRS urges taxpayers to file their returns electronically through IRS e-file or Free File. The use of online forms greatly reduces errors because the software does the calculations, catching common errors and the taxpayer requesting the missing information.
With smaller budgets and fewer employees, the IRS may conduct an audit under this year. However, do not start celebrating yet. The number of audit means lower federal revenues… Read more

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