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May Day

May DayBank branch offices are closed, and will remain closed until the situation is considered safe, the spokesman. This comes one day before the followers of the movement had promised Wall Street Occupying mass demonstrations across the country, in recognition of Labour Day 2012 a web site based in New York in support of May Day says he “vacations to 99%.”
People seem to know about May Day everywhere except where you started, here in the United States. This is because people in power have done their best to remove the true meaning. For example, Ronald Reagan pointed to what he… Read more

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Orange Crush

Orange CrushOrange Crush, an unofficial gathering of students and young adults along the coast of Georgia, leaving behind tons of trash on the way this weekend, leaving many angry citizens of Savannah.
Formal division of the Spring Festival of the University, commonly known as the Orange Crush, held at Tybee Beach this weekend, outside Savannah. However, residents are not in the atmosphere after a beach party stayed in. How ironic that Earth Day and “Orange Crush” came.
Some residents upset Tybee Island after college students and young adults leave the stack cans, bottles, glass and other debris on the beach after… Read more

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Earth Day

Earth DayHappy Earth Day 2012, everybody! One day, we can see again that when the tide began to recede, which is the wave of anthropogenic global warming hysteria. Canary in the mine is the Discovery Channel metaphorically, a provider of long-pornographic mass of AGW. In a new seven-part series Earth Day "Frozen Planet" Discovery sad face polar bears and calving glaciers in glorious HD, but not a single mention of a scientific consensus can be summarized as "Aargghhh Everything!’ll Die!"
During the first held in 1970, EarthDay is an innovative way to educate people about nature. Twenty million Americans conducted environmental… Read more

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