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Facebook Organ Donor

Facebook Organ Donor


Facebook Organ DonorFacebook Organ Donor announced today the user the option to designate themselves as organ donors and as a friend commented, on Facebook, of course. "Wait, this is not the onion article?" At first glance, seem an odd choice Given all the privacy issues with Facebook has faced over the years. Do you really want to dive in the medical records of their users, and how does it work? Can a doctor see dying on the Facebook page to see if they could harvest their organs? Not exactly.

When I saw that Mark Zuckerberg has become a new tool to allow people to share their status as an organ donor on their timeline, I think, "What a good idea." I understand the concept of organ donation is not something that most people think very often, unless of course you know someone who does or if you are running with a heart that is not yours.

Facebook really wants to, can help facilitate organ donation through a new state update function. However, the movement is also possible to add further polish the corporate image, which is always a good thing before the IPO Facebook Organ Donor. The initiative is "to have a friendly face for investors, small investors, in particular," said David Johnson of Strategic Vision. "You can help raise the stock price up."

Facebook launched Tuesday chronology Status option of organ donation, an initiative to help more than 114,000 people in the United States and millions of others around the world who are waiting for the concert-saving liver, a kidney or liver. "A lot of these people are, on average 18 people a day die waiting, simply because there is no organ donor is enough to make ends meet," Facebook said in a blog post explaining the movement. "Medical experts believe that increasing awareness about organ donation can go a long way to resolve this crisis."

Facebook has now added a feature that allows users to identify themselves as organ donors and talk about why they chose to donate called Facebook Organ Donor. Those interested in donating, but is not listed, you will find a link to the right place to register. A promise of Facebook itself is not a binding contract, of course. In Ohio, donors can ensure that your wishes carried out to join the state donor registry. To share your Facebook status, go to "life events" in your timeline, then "Theme". There you can add a year, he became an organ donor or search for registration information.

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