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Correspondents Dinner


Correspondents DinnerObama mocks the White House Correspondents’ Dinner early in the largest and journalists on Saturday night. He was making fun of some Hollywood stars, including Kim Kardashian, the role of Glee and Donald Trump, I send a reference apparently causing serious Osama bin Laden, held over dinner last year.

We want the White House and love in Hollywood. So you can imagine that we worship the White House Correspondents’ Dinner reporters, in which political scientists, media and the power of star players together in Los Angeles is completely wrong, weird harmonies from the amazing costumes. Where can you see Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan to rub shoulders with Rick Santorum? Watch Michelle Obama head to head in battle mode against Martha Stewart Upton and Kate? See Jimmy Kimmel jokes about the president and the president sitting right in front of him?

We have much to learn from George Clooney, while thousands of people trying to escape out of the ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in Washington at the end of dinner the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Association, mad rush by the parties after online or taxi, Clooney stayed at his desk and poured a glass of wine

Official night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, many of their own laughter. It took a series of blows to the president, opening with "Remember when nations gather around the hope for a better future, it’s fun," says Kimmel and Obama smiled, "It is still the best."

Media and entertainment policy for a list of registrants in attendance, President Obama wasted no time to bring laughter to the dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The annual event last night to give Obama a chance to relax the atmosphere in a hot election year, although considered to be the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is still a goal.

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