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Mike Trout


Mike TroutMike Trout will be given every opportunity to provide a spark for a violation of the angels in neutral, the dynamics of 20 years, was in left field and batting leadoff at-bats for Saturday’s game against the Cleveland Indians, which was delayed by rain, and is expected to remain in the order yet.

If you are a baseball fan and have the opportunity to see an angel in the Los Angeles perspective, Mike Trout, ticket prices suddenly became much more expensive. The age of 20 trout, the first in the absence of alignment of bees in Salt Lake City on Friday due to illness, was summoned to the majors after the Los Angeles released outfielder / designated hitter Bobby Abreu, after a Cleveland loss.

Yesterday was a big day for the two best prospects in baseball, Bryce Harper and Mike Trout as the trout have been called and will make major league debut on Saturday. I like to call the angels of trout, the team struggled to a 6-14 start. Trout was hit .403 – 0467-0623 by HR, 4 doubles, 5 triples, six stolen bases, 21 runs scored and 13 RBIs in 77 at-bats at Triple-A Salt Lake City. He fought in the call for the majors last year, but AAA does not seem to be a challenge for him this year.

Call of top prospect Bryce Harper and Mike Trout has a fantasy baseball player into a frenzy. In deeper mixed minor leagues baseball or AL / NL only format, the two phenomena of the garden that may have been taken, but there are a lot of bass mixed leagues in which both players are available. If I had to choose between the two, I’ll trout, better prepared for the big leagues and are more likely to continue in the list of the 25-year-round.

Not to be outdone by the hype Bryce Harper, Los Angeles Angels have been promoting their own super prospect outfielder Mike Trout from Triple-A Salt Lake City, with a rookie to replace the missing veteran Bobby Abreu. Trout hit .403/.467/.623 in 20 games for the bees, with 11 layers and 16 strikeouts in 77 at-bats. He also stole six bases in seven businesses, while collecting five triples.

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