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Orange Crush

Orange Crush trash

Orange Crush


Orange CrushOrange Crush, an unofficial gathering of students and young adults along the coast of Georgia, leaving behind tons of trash on the way this weekend, leaving many angry citizens of Savannah.

Formal division of the Spring Festival of the University, commonly known as the Orange Crush, held at Tybee Beach this weekend, outside Savannah. However, residents are not in the atmosphere after a beach party stayed in. How ironic that Earth Day and “Orange Crush” came.

Some residents upset Tybee Island after college students and young adults leave the stack cans, bottles, glass and other debris on the beach after the annual meeting known as the Orange Crush. Orange Crush is an annual formal meeting on the beach on the coast of Georgia.

This is a semi-organized gathering of university students predominantally African Americans each year in Savannah. There once was a sponsored event, but as the years go so far that the sponsor wants nothing to do with it. By the time people will leave this event that happened this weekend and will not go to the beach. I hate that people can be so dirty, it will probably ruin it for the rest of us.

Some Savannah Georgia has much to improve the beach early in Earth Day by removing litter from the sand behind the Orange Crush, an unofficial annual party of students and young adults. One of the volunteers captured video on your smartphone, and an increase in viral video. This may attract the attention of the amount of waste, this event brings together and promotes clean beaches!

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