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Earth DayHappy Earth Day 2012, everybody! One day, we can see again that when the tide began to recede, which is the wave of anthropogenic global warming hysteria. Canary in the mine is the Discovery Channel metaphorically, a provider of long-pornographic mass of AGW. In a new seven-part series Earth Day "Frozen Planet" Discovery sad face polar bears and calving glaciers in glorious HD, but not a single mention of a scientific consensus can be summarized as "Aargghhh Everything!’ll Die!"

During the first held in 1970, EarthDay is an innovative way to educate people about nature. Twenty million Americans conducted environmental events around the country, resulting in the formation of the environmental Protection Agency and some of the first laws for clean air and water, and protecting endangered species. Exactly 42 years after New York Celebrates Earth Day 2012 on Sunday, the environment has increased to varying degrees, especially in New York City.

More than one billion people will be summoned to protect our planet today, as they gather around the world to celebrate Earth Day. Its mission is to increase support for a more sustainable future, climate change continues to wreak havoc worldwide. Frustrated by the lack of a policy of "green" at the international level, activists are now calling for a new treaty signed in Rio de Janeiro Earth in June.

It’s Earth Day today, but our time to look around, breathe in less air and tree hugging us a little more stringent. This is the day for us to appreciate the tremendous resources we have and are committed to doing everything possible to protect the incredible deals that nature gives us unfailingly.

When Earth Day began in 1970, is the public outrage over large amounts of pollution to air pollution and pollutants entering our waterways has received 20 million people to participate in teach-ins and demonstrations across the country. The fact that annual leave was initiated by Senator can not be ignored, strong political leadership is essential to the conservation and yet will be difficult to find anything on the site of the White House of the Day Earth Day today.

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