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Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon


Boston MarathonRunning a hose. Duel in the Sun. Hell. As the prospect of temperatures hovering above 80 degrees on Monday, the Boston Marathon, race organizers expect the heat to form a classic contest has become one of the legends in the history of 116 years of the event, even when they prepare for a potential crisis doctor if wilted under the hot sun runner.

This will be the hottest Boston Marathon since the War of 1976, the pipe, the legendary Jack Fultz won the race. With temperatures above 95 degrees predicted, and 80 initial (expected to change every time), the Boston Marathon team has been busy and ill update every few hours.

When Thad Ghim line in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, for the first Boston Marathon 116, a retired professor at Emory School of Medicine and pediatric oncologists do not have much hope that the high placement. On the one hand, high prices Ghim not train for a marathon runner, the race normally not more than 30 miles per week. In addition, Ghim, 73, is at the upper end of the group 70-74 years.

David Sevcik is proud to say that he was first out of the womb. For a minute before his twin brother Daniel. “I am a lucky day,” says David, of Cedar Falls. “And I’ll never let you forget it.” Daniel likes to show who has a 4-2 lead on his brother in a marathon. David counters and says that working in the Iowa State High Cross School meeting last year in 2007. Daniel did not.

Survivor winner Ethan Zohn can not try to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year, because he fought a recurrence of Hodgkin’s disease – so that his friend, former Bachelorette stars Ryan Sutter is strengthening of the plate. Sutter Marathon Monday to support Grassroot Soccer, Zohn founder of charity.

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