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Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson


Jackie RobinsonOn April 15, 65 years ago, Jackie Robinson became Major League Baseball with a bang. It could also be the first rookie in the history of MLB Year this year and continued two years later to win the MVP award in 1949 after collecting 124 RBIs and batting average 0342 (the first of six consecutive months All-Star during which he hit .300). In two fundamental periods, the rookie season and won the NL MVP title, led the majors in stolen bases.

Major League Baseball celebrates Jackie Robinson Day today, 65 years after Jackie breaking the color barrier in baseball. All players and coaches wore number 42 in Robinson today. I can not say something you do not already know about Robinson. We all can not imagine what happened, what is the daily stupidity is amazing. Entire face with class and dignity, which is a very special person. One worthy of celebration.

Ivan Nova tries to give the Yankees a series win tonight when they play the rubber match of their three-game series against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Yankee Stadium. Before the game, however, there will be a special ceremony to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier. The celebration is planned for Rachel and Sharon Robinson, MLB Educational programming consultant and vice president of the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Sanford, Florida, has its own history, including current and collective intolerance and fanaticism that almost derailed the man of Martin Luther King Jr. called “freedom rider before freedom rides,” Jackie Robinson. Before Robinson s’ Major League Baseball’s color line in 1947 as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, perform tasks in the desegregation of the minor leagues, playing for the Dodgers team, AAA Montreal Royals. Royals held spring training in Sanford.

Writing this message because Jackie Robinson was a dangerous error correcting long-standing icon. And there is full recognition here rather than in the history of Robinson. Martin Luther King himself spoke of the historical place of Robinson in the civil rights movement. There is no doubt that the courage of Robinson and how it is treated as the first black in modern baseball. Any award which was published in the winning man and his actions. The question here is when is it enough?

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