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Jetblue Pilot

JetBlue pilot subdued by passengers

Jetblue Pilot


Jetblue PilotIt was an extraordinarily rare incident in the air and a frightening one for passengers: A JetBlue pilot was locked out of the cockpit and wrestled to the floor by passengers after screaming about a bomb during a flight from New York to Las Vegas.

I’m giving you two cell-phone clips from the flight itself. The audio, alas, is poor, with someone clearly shouting in the distance but unintelligibly (at least to me). According to Fox News, though, he was ranting about Iran and Iraq and someone heard something about bombs. When he tried to get back in the cockpit, two stewardesses stopped him and then a bunch of male passengers, including a member of the NYPD, brought him down.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the JetBlue pilot flight today had been exhibiting “erratic behavior” before other crew members decided to lock him out of the cockpit. Passengers say the captain became disruptive when he couldn’t get back inside, and was yelling about a bomb.

Even in the most dire circumstances pilots are trained to keep their cool, but it was an unsuspecting passenger who had to take control when a JetBlue captain went beserk in the middle of a flight on Tuesday.

A JetBlue pilot is now in FBI custody after suffering some form of mental break down on a flight from New York to Las Vegas. The co-pilot allegedly kicked the pilot out of the cockpit and passengers tackled him. Flight 191 from JFK to Las Vegas was diverted two hours ago to Amarillo because of the pilot’s panic attack. According to Twitter user Grant F. Heppes who was on the flight, the pilot “tried to take down the plane” before being apprehended by passenger.

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